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Rog Martin (right) with producer/cameraman Jim Lichnerowicz, Out & About with Roger Martin.
for "Out & About with Roger Martin"

Channel 203
Europe: United Kingdom SKY Channel 203

Channel 40
New Zealand: Channel 40
(Standard Broadcast)

Aukland, NZ
Aukland (based) New Zealand (Sky TV (089) and
Freeview (21) Nationwide in New Zealand)

Aukland, NZ
Aukland (based) New Zealand (UHF and Cable TV)


Las Vegas, Nevada
GPC-TV, Multiple outlets, Nebraska
Fort Worth, Texas
Raleigh (Garner), North Carolina
Sevastopol, Wisconsin
New London, Wisconsin
Portland, Oregon
Farmington, New Hampshire
Falmouth, Maine
Huntington, West Virginia
Washington Co., Maine
Santa Clarita, California
Kokomo, Indiana
West Hollywood, California
Radnor, Pennsylvania
Los Angeles, California
Murrieta, California
San Luis Obispo, California
Kansas City, Missouri
Pontiac, Michigan
Contra Costa Co., California
Fort Collins, Colorado
Searsport, Maine
Yellow Springs, Ohio
Billings, Montana
Brunswick, Maine
Bella Vista, Arkansas
Sierra Madre, California
Oakland, California
Kansas City, Kansas

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